Making the Future


A journey through the Irish Border through haikus and sounds by those who live near or on the border.

VR Film

How to watch a VR Film?

Desktop PC: use your mouse to pan and look around when playing the video.

Mobile device: use your finger to pan and look around or directly point the device to where you want to look.


VR headset: simply look around by moving your head and this will give you a more immersive experience.

Interactive Map

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 16.36.18.png

How to navigate through the map?

Desktop PC: use your mouse to move across each border spots.

Mobile device: download the Izi.Travel App (free on iOs & Android) and search for Border Sounds.


Stories by Bernie Doherty, Bronagh McAtasney, Caroline Carr, Colleen Savage, Ethne McCord, Fintan McPhillips, Florence Creigthon, Francis McCarron, Gwen Stevenson, Helen Duffy, Helen Irwin, Lynn Mc Elvaney, Margaret Masaba, Marian Dempsey, Mary Conefrey, Mary Cunningham, Maureen Reavey, Olivia Boyle, Rose O' Neill, Theresa Loftus.

Directed by Laura Aguiar


Produced by Laura Aguiar, Lynsey Gillespie and Jude Mullan

Filming by Laura Aguiar, Lynsey Gillespie and Jude Mullan


Editing by Oisin Hughes

Website & Interactive Map by Laura Aguiar


With thanks to Charmain Jones & Craig Barr (Rural Community Network)  for their support and to Jamie McRoberts (Retinize), Camilla Meegan (Póca Productions) and Shelley Tracey for their insightful workshops.